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Our Finishes

The colour and finish of a frame is a great way to emphasise the artwork and compliment your interior style. Choose from our extensive selection of over 300 different colours and tones, we can help you colour match and advise on how to creating striking effects.



Great for a modern finish, our variety of colourful spray paints create a smooth semi-gloss surface. Varnish is also available for a high gloss finish.

Hand Painted

farrow and ball.jpg

Farrow and Ball's distinctive hues are a great way to add colour with a superb matt finish. Choose from a wide range of paints, to complement any interior décor.

Neutral Wax


Give your frame a beautiful lustre finish with a clear neutral wax. It also protects from moisture and highlights the natural effects of the wood.

White Liming Wax

lime wax.jpg

White liming wax is a great way to lighten and bring out the grain of the wood. Best paired with with Oak, Ash and Lime woods.

Tudor Oak Wax

tudor oak.jpg

Using Tudor oak wax will enhance the natural beauty of both the wood and grain for Oak, Ash and Walnut frames.

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