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A mount draws the eye, making your chosen artwork even more special. Available in a wide selection of colours, all of our mountboard is conservation or museum grade and Fine Art Trade Guild approved. To help prevent damage, we use acid free, bleed resistant mounts, and assemble using reversible methods.

Window Mount

This traditional mounting technique uses a bevelled-edge to create space between the glass, safeguarding the artwork. Perfect for any 2D piece.

window mount.jpg

Float Mount

Recommended for prints with textured or deckled edges and 3D objects, this method showcases the entirety of the artwork without it being covered by the frame or mount.

float mounting.jpg

Shadow Float Mount

Like regular float mounting, shadow float mounting puts the artwork centre stage, using a recessed box style and 5mm acid free foam board underneath the piece to create depth.

shadow float.jpg

Edge To Edge

For a contemporary finish, opt for a frame without a mount. Often utilised for posters and certificates.

edge to edge.jpg


This process bonds artwork to a board, ensuring a flat presentation. It is not recommended for high value artworks as it is irreversible. 

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