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We stock a range of different glass to suit any budget. we cut glass to any size on request. If you have a broken piece of glass we can re-glaze your existing frame and refit your artwork. See our glazing options below.


Standard Glass

Best for those on a budget. While this glass will physically protect your artwork from damage, UV light may fade your artwork over time.

Anti Reflective ArtGlass 70%UV 

as well as it's  UV filtering qualities, our anti reflective glass diffuses light and reduce reflections.

Museum Glass

The highest quality glass, used by institutions to conserve. It has 99% UV filtering capabilities for serious protection and an anti reflective film to show the artworks true colour.


Visually, perspex appears the same as standard glass. A safer alternative, we'd recommended it for large artwork and when shipping, to reduce the risk of damage.

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